A.H. Sagar is freelance designer.


A.H. sagar started his career with online marketing, but literally he developed multiple skill online and most anticipated skill he loves to work with is design, as it express creativity.

He was a student of business, so he knew the value of brands. Moreover, in early age he started his professional career, at the beginning of his professional life he worked for multiple company as brand promoter and gathered the real life experience in branding and the power of marketing capabilities.

Until now he was always interested to the world of internet, for the personal gain he started to learn online marketing but over time it was not easy to learning to work online, because there were not much options available. However, he got in touch with Chowdhury Shahid-UZ-Zaman a blogger and ghost writer, and Chowdhury appreciated A.H. for his interest in learn online marketing and started to giving him support and resources. Within a few months A.H. started to develop multiple skills of online marketing.

In 2013, Chowdhury Shahid-UZ-Zaman, launched an IT firm called CYONWO and appointed A.H. as online marketer. In that time period for the needs of company he had to learn content creation, clients dealing and web development. In 2015, A.H. promoted as Operations Manager of CYONWO and he was still developing his skill online and started to learn designing as it was his most anticipated work he wanted to learn.

In 2016, A.H. started his freelance career with his job aside, on startup he worked for content creation, ghost writing, link building, social media marketing and few designing jobs. A.H. got support from Mustafa Al Muqsid from the start of his freelance career as Mustafa is good in lead generation.

In 2018, He get in touch with his most favorite client Nicholas Roy, and Nick helps him to develop his designing skill with trust on his work, Nick provided him many graphical and web design projects till date and still today Nick supporting A.H. as his go to designer.

A.H. Sagar developed his career in steps, as he follows the strategy of “First Learn, Then Earn”. He knows the value of marketing and a brand in market. So far, he wants to create a business platform with the support of other freelancer, whom are working with A.H. as team.