the winning websites are those that manage to be captivating and at the same time easily usable by the end user, with clear messages, easy to navigate and that are found in the first places on search engines. the striking thing is that the first to not realize the importance and potential of their website are the owners themselves.

here we have noted five major reasons why your website deserves constant investment …

1# it’s your number one marketing tool

your website is your showcase, it shows the world what you do, how you do it and why your work is important. it is essential to ensure that your company’s website presents the work you do effectively and professionally.

2# promote trust in your brand

the website is often the first contact with those who do not know you and marks the way in which you will be recognized by the people of the network. a well done site, with an attractive design, well cared for and constantly updated, leads the end user to trust the message conveyed by the website and consequently the company.

3) it saves you time

a website that provide users with the information they need allows you to save time and energy that you can devote to developing your business, for example, spending time answering questions from your potential customers.

4) help people find your company

google is estimated to have an average of 40,000 searches per second (over 5 billion searches every day!). imagine the benefit to your business if even a very small percentage of those searches led to your website. investing in seo (search engine optimization) for your website therefore becomes a key component of your success because of improving the indexing of your website, the chances that web surfers will find your company and start interacting with your website.

5) it helps you interact with people

investing in the user experience, putting yourself on the other side of the screen, creating empathy with the user of your website, putting the end user at the center of the message of your website, generates an increase in online engagement and visitor / customer conversions. greater investment generates greater return. it sounds trivial but it is a formula that works.

how much to invest in your website

how much you have to spend on your website depends on various factors, on the number of features that must be present, on the technical characteristics you need, even on your target audience!

it is the same question you can ask yourself when you find yourself having to renovate a house. you can use cheap material and save on light points, redo the plumbing or not from scratch. your choices will inevitably affect the quality of the finishes, the duration of the work, the possibilities offered by your home. each investment in your website will increase its quality and consequently its potential.

and continuous updates will help ensure that your website is safe, easy to use, updated with the latest technologies, accessible with all devices and compliant with the laws. start with a review of your website, put yourself in the shoes of the user who finds you on the web. find out how it works and which areas are the most problematic and which require the most investment. you will extend the life of your website before redesigning or completely rebuilding it becomes inevitable. a constant maintenance policy also allows you to avoid unexpected expenses due to security breaches or non-compliance with new regulations.

the ahsagar agency is your ideal partner both to assist you in the improvement and maintenance of your website and for the creation of your website from scratch. we tailor our services to your specific needs and are always ready to do what you need.

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